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Below Fraud category will not be playable :

1) NON PLAY STORE - Installs driven by using APK installs rather than Google Play Store. Impacts advertiser by reducing installs visible on AppStore.1. Older app versions upto 1 year have been whitelisted (attached is the list) for handling pre-embed installs possibility.  2. For brands where we do not have Preloads - Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola & Asus, there will be no whitelisting

2) Click Spam - Where Fraudsters fire fake clicks to capture organic traffic by misuse of Last click Attribution model.

3) FAKE ATTRIBUTION - Monitoring of click to Install time difference and flagging of where CTI is too small. Current threshold is 10secs, but this would be reviewed regularly and changed

4) DUPLICATE USER - Where there are duplicate identifiers coming (eg androidId / IMEI) even though the GAID is duplicate.

5) Device/OS - Distribution and repetition patterns of make Model / Android OS are monitored to check for fraud. If concentration heavy compared to other channels, then flagged  as fraud

6) FAKE DEVICE - The device is tampered, modified or a emulator/simulator.

7) VIRTUAL NETWORK - The Click or Conversion IP used belongs to VPNs/Proxies / TOR Exit Points / Cloud Server Hosting Services

8) CLICK UNDER - Incent Fraud (where non-incent campaign is executed on incent walls) or invalid clicks which are triggered in the background, without the user actually clicking on the ad.