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div Converts on: Install - Open the App br b br Below Fraud category will not be playable : br br /b 1) NON PLAY STORE - Installs driven by using APK installs rather than Google Play Store. Impacts advertiser by reducing installs visible on AppStore.1. Older app versions upto 1 year have been whitelisted (attached is the list) for handling pre-embed installs possibility. 2. For brands where we do not have Preloads - Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola Asus, there will be no whitelisting br br 2) Click Spam - Where Fraudsters fire fake clicks to capture organic traffic by misuse of Last click Attribution model. br br 3) FAKE ATTRIBUTION - Monitoring of click to Install time difference and flagging of where CTI is too small. Current threshold is 10secs, but this would be reviewed regularly and changed br br 4) DUPLICATE USER - Where there are duplicate identifiers coming (eg androidId / IMEI) even though the GAID is duplicate. /div div br 5) Device/OS - Distribution and repetition patterns of make Model / Android OS are monitored to check for fraud. If concentration heavy compared to other channels, then flagged as fraud br br 6) FAKE DEVICE - The device is tampered, modified or a emulator/simulator. /div div br 7) VIRTUAL NETWORK - The Click or Conversion IP used belongs to VPNs/Proxies / TOR Exit Points / Cloud Server Hosting Services /div div br 8) CLICK UNDER - Incent Fraud (where non-incent campaign is executed on incent walls) or invalid clicks which are triggered in the background, without the user actually clicking on the ad. /div
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