FabHotels Shopping Offers

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Never miss the deals of the day offers from your favorite stores

Never miss the latest promotions from your favorite stores

Tracking: Online

Allowed/Disallowed Media:

Allowed Media Types - All Media Types Allowed
Media Not Allowed:  No SEM ( Brand Bidding on Google and other search engines on Brand Keywords) 

Other Restrictions:
- No masking URL s with branded Terms.
- No Use of Domains with brand Terms.
- No changes in Brand Communication.
- No Cookie Stuffing
Note : Anyone found bidding on Brand Keywords in any form, google search, Bing search, etc, may be removed from the offer and have commissions revoked. Similarly any affiliate found promoting via any other restricted methods may be subject to removal of all conversions earned.
Transactions that are canceled by the consumer will be invalidated on a monthly basis.Similarly, duplicate Transactions will not be considered valid conversions.
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