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Create your own best team in the contest & play with other users & get chance to win big prizes.

Converts on: First Page Submission

Conversion Flow:
1. User logins with Google or Facebook or Simple Registration on landing page.
2. Lead is counted and credited.

Tracking Information:
Frequency - Realtime
Cookie Duration - 30 Days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Not Allowed
Promotion Methods:
Text Link - Allowed
Banner - Allowed
Email (Text) - Allowed
Custom Email (Text) - Not Allowed
Email (HTML) - Allowed
Custom Email (HTML) - Not Allowed
Native Ads - Allowed
POP Traffic - Allowed
Facebook PPC - Allowed
Social Media - Allowed
SEM - Brand Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
SEM - Generic Keyword(s) - Allowed
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s) - Allowed

Special Instructions:
1. Incentivizing is not allowed (this includes cashback).
2. Audience Targeting: Male users between the age 18-34 years.
3. Need to Maintain more than 2% Deposit Rate
4. Conversions below 2% Deposit Rate will be billed on pro rata basis. Example, if an affiliate gives 1,700 leads and 30 deposits, only 1,500 leads will be billed.
5. Geo targeting: Pan India except Assam, Orissa & Telangana.
6. There should be no mention of following in any Sendername, Subjectline & Creatives:
• Any cricketer or celebrity
• IPL or Indian Premier League (Use Indian T20 League instead).
• Any other proprietary/brand name
7. Every affiliate has an initial CAP of 1000 leads until the Affiliate Manager gives an increased budget.
8. Any custom creative used without Affiliate Manager’s approval will not be paid for.

Return Criteria: Test leads or suspicious leads will not be paid for.
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