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i /i Targeting : br Gender : Women (Mothers) br Age : 25-35 years br Behaviour : Shopped on any e-commerce platform br Monthly Income : span 50,000+ br br Allowed/Disallowed Media: br div Cashback Allowed /div div PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden /div div SEM Forbidden /div div Doorway pages Allowed /div div E-Mail-Marketing Allowed /div div Brand-Bidding Forbidden /div div Social Media Needs approval /div div Incentive Allowed /div div Toolbar Allowed /div div Adult Forbidden /div div Banner-teaser networks Forbidden /div div YouTube Channel Allowed /div div API traffic Forbidden br br div Hopscotch reserves the right to approve or disapprove billable transaction numbers of the month. /div div br /div div Publisher cannot promote the coupons published on Facebook or any other sources. If found so, we will not be paying for those transactions. Publisher can use the coupons on the website and those provided by Cuelinks /div div br /div div No bidding on brand or category terms in SEM allowed. If found, we will not be paying for the month. /div div br /div div No cookie stuffing allowed. If found, No payments will be made for such transactions. /div div br /div /div br /span br