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Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting @

Converts on: Sale

Conversion Flow:
1. User makes a purchase.
2. Sale is counted and credited.

Tracking Information:
Frequency - Real time (Maximum delay 3 HRS)
Cookie Duration - 90 Days
Validation Window- 60 Days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Not Available
Deeplink - Not Available
Multiple Conversions - Available

Promotion Methods:
Text Link - Allowed
Banner - Allowed
Deals - Allowed (Generic & the ones uploaded here)
Coupons - Not Available
Cashback - Not Allowed
Email (Text) - Allowed
Custom Email (Text) - Not Allowed
Email (HTML) - Allowed
Custom Email (HTML) - Not Allowed
POP Traffic - Not Allowed
Native Ads - Allowed
Social Media - Not Available
Facebook Ads - Allowed
SEM - Brand Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
SEM - Generic Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s) - Not Allowed

Special Instructions:
1. All sales will be tracked with USD 90 and actual Payout will be updated once a week.
2. Commission as per below products.
a)Domain: You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
b)Shared Hosting: You earn $90.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
c)VPS: You earn $90.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
d)Reseller: You earn $90.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
e)Dedicated: You earn $90.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
f) Payout Exceptions: You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)
3. Nothing will be paid for below mentioned Categories:
Category ID Name
Data Backups-1month Data Backups-1month
Data Backups-6month Data Backups-6month
Data Backups-1year Data Backups-1year
Data Backups-2year Data Backups-2year
Data Backups-3year Data Backups-3year
8GB RAM-1month 8GB RAM-1month
8GB RAM-6month 8GB RAM-6month
8GB RAM-1year 8GB RAM-1year
8GB RAM-2year 8GB RAM-2year
8GB RAM-3year 8GB RAM-3year
4GB RAM-1month 4GB RAM-1month
4GB RAM-6month 4GB RAM-6month
4GB RAM-1year 4GB RAM-1year
4GB RAM-2year 4GB RAM-2year
4GB RAM-3year 4GB RAM-3year
SSD 120GB-1month SSD 120GB-1month
SSD 120GB-6month SSD 120GB-6month
SSD 120GB-1year SSD 120GB-1year
SSD 120GB-2year SSD 120GB-2year
SSD 120GB-3year SSD 120GB-3year
SSD 250GB-1month SSD 250GB-1month
SSD 250GB-6month SSD 250GB-6month
SSD 250GB-1year SSD 250GB-1year
SSD 250GB-2year SSD 250GB-2year
SSD 250GB-3year SSD 250GB-3year
16GB RAM-1month 16GB RAM-1month
16GB RAM-6month 16GB RAM-6month
16GB RAM-1year 16GB RAM-1year
16GB RAM-2year 16GB RAM-2year
16GB RAM-3year 16GB RAM-3year
32GB RAM-1month 32GB RAM-1month
32GB RAM-6month 32GB RAM-6month
32GB RAM-1year 32GB RAM-1year
32GB RAM-2year 32GB RAM-2year
32GB RAM-3year 32GB RAM-3year
HDD 1TB-1month HDD 1TB-1month
HDD 1TB-6month HDD 1TB-6month
HDD 1TB-1year HDD 1TB-1year
HDD 1TB-2year HDD 1TB-2year
HDD 1TB-3year HDD 1TB-3year
HDD 2TB-1month HDD 2TB-1month
HDD 2TB-6month HDD 2TB-6month
HDD 2TB-1year HDD 2TB-1year
HDD 2TB-2year HDD 2TB-2year
HDD 2TB-3year HDD 2TB-3year
SSD 500GB-1month SSD 500GB-1month
SSD 500GB-6month SSD 500GB-6month
SSD 500GB-1year SSD 500GB-1year
SSD 500GB-2year SSD 500GB-2year
SSD 500GB-3year SSD 500GB-3year
SSD 1TB-1month SSD 1TB-1month
SSD 1TB-6month SSD 1TB-6month
SSD 1TB-1year SSD 1TB-1year
SSD 1TB-2year SSD 1TB-2year
SSD 1TB-3year SSD 1TB-3year
SSD 2TB-1month SSD 2TB-1month
SSD 2TB-6month SSD 2TB-6month
SSD 2TB-1year SSD 2TB-1year
SSD 2TB-2year SSD 2TB-2year
SSD 2TB-3year SSD 2TB-3year
HDD 3TB-1month HDD 3TB-1month
HDD 3TB-6month HDD 3TB-6month
HDD 3TB-1year HDD 3TB-1year
HDD 3TB-2year HDD 3TB-2year
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